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"The Power of OUCH is not another self-help book that you read and file away.  With this book you are actively engaged mentally and physically in the outcome of healing yourself from hurt and given the tools for releasing hurt in the future."  - MB

"The book is full of knowledge and is also hands-on with guided questions. I would recommend having a pencil and paper ready so you can dive into your own relationships! I love the humor and positivity the author brings to common difficulties we all face. I would highly recommend this book! Great read!."  - SG

"It's easy to forget the times of challenge, pain and hurt make us stronger and build our character. I loved how Sondra captures these moments as Hot Potatoes, and also walks us through the common symptoms and emotional steps of sweeping things under the rug, blaming, doubt, etc. It's offered me a lot more compassion for myself. "  - Tiffany

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About Sondra

Sondra is a teacher, transformational speaker and mentor in the area of creating mindful relationships, sustainably filled with joy and connection.


She is a Wisdom Teacher and Meditation Instructor trained in India, as well as a Certification Partner with Alison Armstrong.  She has put into practice, in her own life and marriage, the principles she writes and teaches, and shares her lived-experience and that of the hundreds of people she has researched.

She is available to speak at live events and for on-line social media.

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