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Sondra Harmon

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Thanks for popping onto my site.  If you already know me, yay!  And, you might want to schedule an appointment or register for Wake Up to Love Membership.


If you don’t know me, a big “Hello and Welcome!”  Here are more details about me if you like (About Me).  But in a nutshell, I am passionate about helping people have amazing relationships filled with love, joy and connection.      


I know the suffering relationships can bring and I know the magic ✨.  I’d love for everyone to have the latter.  I was blessed to have a mentor who opened her home and her heart to show how two people can stay connected and in love - the honeymoon sort of love - for decades, through all the challenges life can bring.


That is what I want to share now.  In fact, that is my mission. To show up and share everything I've learned about how to have beautiful relationships.  I love to share on podcasts, at events, on social media (Instagram - @meet.sondra.harmon & Facebook @Wake Up to LOVE) and through my weekly “love letter” Wake up to LOVE Wednesdays.  


If would like me to teach what I’ve learned to your friends or a group, or be a guest on your show or event, or if you simply have questions about relationships, write directly to me with the form below.

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