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One of the four pillars of what is needed for great relationships is clarifying your heart’s desire. One of my favorite meditations for this is the Soul Sync meditation. It helps get you in an open expansive state, realizing that we exist in a field of unlimited possibilities and from that state imagining your desire unfolding in the present - feeling, seeing, hearing it happen. Here is a link to Preethaji leading the Soul Sync meditation if you’d like to try it.

BUT this week I wanted to share another aspect of desire. I've been looking at how we block it and choke off the energy our desire contains and what to do about it.

Have you ever thought about something you dream of, like “I’d love to go to Paris”? Then as soon that thought is over, the next thought is “… BUT, I don’t have money or enough time or a traveling companion.”

Try it. Find something you’ve been wanting for a while. Notice if there is a BUT. And see what comes up after that BUT. What is the reason or barrier that comes after the word BUT?

Notice how you feel when you think of your desire and then what happens when you think “BUT …”. Do you lose your enthusiasm? Are you less excited about your dream?

So here is the hack: Include what comes after that BUT in the desire, but change the word BUT to an AND. If you think, “I want to go to Paris but I don’t have the time” try adding the whole situation to your desire, “I want to go to Paris and I don’t have the time.” Can you feel the difference? Without the BUT your mind starts to figure out if that is true and ways to handle it.

You could take it a step further and think “I want to go to Paris and I and am thinking the thought 'I don’t have enough time' ”. That really lets the feeling of desire flow and your mind gets to work on how to manage that thought.

How many times do you let the BUT taint your desire? Something to start noticing.

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Mar 25, 2022

Love this and as I went through it I really felt the and in my heart space...I felt the desire to bring my want into my reality right in my heart! I believe dreams are born in the heart and then are pumped to every part of our being. Moving us in the direction for it to be. Love this article and the spotlight on the power of mindfulness in our conversations, within and out loud.😍

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