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So much of the strategizing we do is aimed at preventing the hurt and heartbreak that comes from the thought of losing love.

One of the quotes that profoundly impacted my attachment and strategies for keeping a relationship, and the love I felt, was from the book, Dear Lover, by David Deida.

He wrote, “Your man will eventually leave you, betray you, ignore you, or die.”

Wow!!! It is true.

All this holding on and trying to prevent this from happening is for naught! It WILL happen. When I could see the inevitability of this, it actually relaxed me. This is similar to how Micheal Singer recommends going to graveyards to meditate about death. Side note: I actually did that in old graveyards in Vietnam when I lived there, but that's another story.)

He goes on to say, “Your man is a temporary blessing of divine presence, a form of grace.”

These two quotes together, have formed a basis for how I relate to Richard. I love him knowing we won’t be together forever. This keeps me from escaping into the future and I stay more in the present, which is the only place you can actually experience connection and love with another anyway.

Hope these two quotes have as much impact on you as they did on me.

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