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"I could have read it in a day. It only took me that long because I wanted to complete the amazing exercises you have in the book. I honestly did not want to stop once I got started. It was so insightful, the way you explained the power of facing some of our pain points and dealing with them as a way to be connected to those we have relationships with. So I feel like I’m pretty self-aware. But you shined a light on some things in my own life that I needed to look at more closely."  - DB

I had so many "aha-moments" while reading the power of Ouch! Using the imagery of a hot potato, Sondra shows the different ways in which we handle hurt, sudden or unpleasant situations. This applies not only to romantic relationships but also to professional and social ones. She demonstrates how to recognize the hot potatoes in life. The book is very engaging - using various examples, personal experiences, cartoons, exercises, and humor Sondra explains how to deal with these situations, the effects of ignoring them and sweeping them under the rug. At the same time, she shows the reader why the “hot potatoes” can actually be good for you and how “OUCH!” is sometimes just the magic word you need to reconnect with yourself and your relationships. Loved this book! - NZ

What is more powerful than seeing yourself and your patterns with clarity? As I now know, nothing! The Power of Ouch gave me clarity and tools to work with and through my painful experiences of the past that I was holding onto. The author uses the imagery of a flaming "hot potato" to represent pain, she then describes the different ways we handle those potatoes. She openly shares many relatable examples from her own life and journey with pain. Unfortunately without knowing how to handle our "hot potatoes" we take the pain life will bring and continue to hurt ourselves or fling the "hot potatoes" at the people we love, or worse we stop even trying to connect. This is a great resource for anyone looking to find joy and connection after being hurt. - JE

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