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This morning I was looking at these glasses of water sitting on our window sill. Every night I put them there, to remind us to drink water first thing in the morning. But it wasn't until today that I realized the incomprehensible enormity of what actually goes on behind the scenes that makes this possible. Let's start with the pipes ... there are of miles of pipe that transport the water, the technology behind that, the people who created the technology, the people who maintain the pipes, the people who support and feed and love the people who create and maintain the pipes. The people who educated the people who created the technology, the people who support them ... it is really endless ... and that doesn't even start to include the glass that holds the water.

Then, in talking with Richard, we said, "what about the people in less modernized society, living in a village rather than a city, who walk to a river to get their own water?" With that question, I could see even in a lone person walking to a river, the infinite pieces of life that contributed. Disregarding the container that was used or the clothes worn, just to be able to move, to have a body ... think of the ancestors that created that person's body, the family that raised the person, the founders of that village, the plants and animals that provided the nutrients feed that person's body, the sun, the air, the plants and animals that died to create the soil for the crops, not to mention the water itself, and how it got to the river. It goes on and on and on and on and on.

In general, my awareness typically extends to pouring the water into a pitcher and bringing it upstairs. And my words would echo that. I'd say, "I'm getting us a glass of water" ... but if you really start following the trail, everything is involved in the simple act of drinking a glass of water, it's not just me.

This relates to the last stage of the Soul Sync Meditation. When I become aware of how connected everything is in just having a glass of water, I can better see myself dissolve into an unlimited consciousness where everything is connected. I know and experience it to be true.

It also makes me relax into the last phase where we visualize our heart's desire or the solution to a problem. I can see that I don't need to have all the answers of how something will happen for it to occur. I honestly don't know exactly how I am blessed each morning to be able to drink water, but magically I do.

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