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I hope I'm never asked on the spot whether to take "the blue pill or the red pill." Richard and I were talking about it this morning and I couldn't remember which pill did what. For those of you who can't remember either, or haven't seen the movie the Matrix, you can read more here. Basically this choice has at its core the idea you can have either "knowledge, freedom, adversity and the brutal truth of reality (red pill)" or "falsehood, security, happiness and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill)."

Ever since I've been studying with Preethaji in India, I've realized the idea that we are all separate and independent from each other and from life is a falsehood. And the idea that other people and their actions determine our happiness (or lack thereof) is also a falsehood.

In these falsehoods though, there is no security and no happiness and no bliss. There is suffering and fear and hurt.

It has been a very brutal truth sometimes to see that I am the one deciding whether to live in a suffering state of disconnection or beautiful state of connection. It takes a bit of courage each day to decide to turn your attention inward rather than outward, bringing awareness to your own thoughts and emotions when you are so wanting to blame someone or something for the way you feel. But, this is where freedom and happiness and bliss live for me. This is the pill I want to take, regardless of its color.

What about you?

Photo: By W. Carter - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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