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I love Rosanne Cash, so Richard - the amazing guy that he is - bought us tickets to her concert. To celebrate, I spent all yesterday binge listening to her songs. Ok, the truth is, I spent all yesterday binge listening to just one of her songs, "The Summer I Read Collette." Does anyone else do that, get stuck on one song? Even when I was a little girl I'd set my record player to keep repeating a 45 record (tells you how old I am, right?) Anyways, this post isn't about repetitive songs. It about one phrase in that song ... "we are blinded to the beauty in our own lives."

Wow, that tiny little phrase hit me so hard yesterday as I was wandering around the streets of NYC, loving everything about the city, about what I'm doing in it and who I'm doing it with and appreciating all the happened in my life to get me to this one point in time. This included all the people who had "hurt" me, all the things I "gave up," and all the "challenges" I had. And it was MY life that was beautiful, not the lives of the friends and acquaintances I see smiling on FaceBook, it was MY life, my WHOLE life, the good and the bad and the ugly ... totally beautiful.

I saw this as a way to stop being "blinded to the beauty of our own lives."

What I would wish for everyone is to take a look into your life right now, and find the most beautiful, special, extraordinary thing in it, big or small. It could be a beautiful plant, a picture that makes you smile, your child, your successes in work, a new dress, a special mug you use for coffee .... whatever. (For me, it was seeing the beautiful architecture on a building on 7th Avenue while I listened to Rosanne Cash.) Look at it and really deeply appreciate ALL the aspects of it, and then look at ALL the things that had to happen for you to be here right now appreciating this.

And, if you want to listen to "The Summer I Read Collette," by Rosanne Cash, click here.


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