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This is Penelope, a Peace Lily that lives with me. I get to watch her every morning when I wake up.

Using the term "watch" with a plant might seem an odd use of that word. Most people would use "looking at" or "seeing" a plant. But I am watching, I'm not just seeing or looking. Words are so fascinating to me. Here's is a great explanation of the differences between these words. Basically, watch means you expect something to move or change. So you would watch children play and you would look at or see a wall.

Here is a question: When you take the time away from the busyness of life to actually observe your relationships and the people in them, are you looking, seeing or watching? Do you observe these people and the quality of the connection with the expectation that there is going to be change or are you observing them with idea that it is static. People and relationships change: year to year, day to day, minute to minute. The husband you woke up with is not the same one who is bringing you coffee. The child in the midst of a tantrum is changing even in the ebb and flow of that emotion. You just have to notice and look for the change. It is happening and without being aware, your actions and decisions won't be the most appropriate to what is actually happening, to what is now. This is the topic of the ZOOM call Jan 24th. Register to join us to learn more.

Now, back to Penelope ... You would think that a plant doesn't change so much in a few minutes ... watch the video below of a 30-sec time lapse of15-minutes in her life.

(Note: Every day, or let's say at least most days, I write a post about something I have seen or thought about as it relates to relationships and what I've learned over the last couple years with OWA. Then, each Wednesday night at 7:00 pm (EST) I cover one topic very specific supporting meditations ... To help me out, I would so appreciate it if you would click on the heart at the bottom of this post if this is something you think people would be interested in learning more about, so I can add it to my Wednesday line up. Thank you.)

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Membro desconhecido
22 de jan. de 2018

This is such a gorgeous post. I've watched the video of Penelope repeatedly; a great analogy for the points you make about the human condition.

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