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Relationship Tips & Tricks

Me and Richard and Mochi have been on a lot of planes over the last couple of months and I spent that time learning more about raising happy puppies. I was reading a booky one of my favorite dog trainers and they were sharing a question they get asked a lot and I realized I get asked the same thing too. Well ... I don’t get asked about dogs, but rather about partners and children and friends. That question is: What are the “tips” and “tricks” to solve my issue?

Who doesn’t love a good tip or trick? I’ve been known to binge-watch 5-Minute Hack videos learning about everything from how to use toothpaste in different ways to using Ramen noodles to repair a sink (yes it really is a thing) But unfortunately when it comes to relationships, there's no tip or trick, (or five-minute video) that can fix all your complaints.

If you're committed to having great relationships, you're likely on the lookout for ways to feel more connected, and more in sync. Whether it's with your partner, friends, or family, we want to make our relationships more fulfilling. But, it can feel overwhelming, and the internet is filled with conflicting advice. One minute you're told never to go to bed angry, the next you're told to sleep on it.

It can be tempting to search for quick tips and tricks that promise to solve all of our relationship woes, but the truth is, there's no magic solution. Complex issues like communication breakdowns, trust issues, and compatibility challenges can't be fixed with a simple trick. But that doesn't mean there's no hope! While there may not be any easy answers, there are things you can do to improve your relationships. Here are a few “tips” to get you started. But th

ey are not quick fixes, more like guidelines.

✅ Look inward first. Our relationships are a mirror of our inner state. Regardless of if they are will your partner or your pet.

✅ Appreciate your relationships during every part of it. Relationships aren’t a journey, they don’t have a destination. They are more like a song where each and every note can be enjoyed.

✅ Communicate your needs and wants clearly. Sometimes we don’t clearly, and “relaxidly “ (had to make up a word) communicate what we want. Without this, relationships are a game of chance.

Remember, it's important to grow relationships using a holistic and personalized approach, not a formula. It might seem daunting, but surrounding yourself with many mentors that have the type of great relationships you want can make all the difference. And don't get discouraged by the lack of quick fixes. Building strong and healthy relationships is a practice.


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