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Soul Sync Circle Plan

8 People with a heartfelt desire to heal from past relationships and/or improve a current relationship and/or be ready for a new relationship.   (Note: Could be relationships of any kind.)


8 Custom Topics of Wisdom and Meditation from Freedom in Relationships.


10 On-line Zoom calls very Wednesday Night 7pm - 8pm EST, starting July 25th to August 19th.


7 Days of Group Intention and Soul Syncing towards each person's heartfelt desire, a different one each week. 


7 Weeks of Including Another's Heartfelt Desire in your day.  (And honestly, this is where the real power comes from.)


Commitment: 10 weekly zoom calls, a daily soul sync (on your own), a willingness to give your love and intention towards another's happiness, a willingness to let others contribute to your happiness.  


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