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Sondra Stewart

Hi this is me, Sondra.  Writing to you.

You probably want to know a little bit about me or you wouldn't have clicked on the button labeled "ABOUT."

Here are the basics. I'm 53. Live in NYC (love NYC).  I'm getting married to an amazing man (who I love even more).  I believe we can stay in love - in love with our partner, with our work, with our lives and with ourselves. Preceding all this though, was finding joy.  

But what does this have to do with you?  If you are committed to making a change, to shifting your life towards joy and away from suffering, than it does.  So, read on.


Like many people, maybe like you, I felt broken in relationships. The harder I tried to change things, the worse it got.  I felt like I was walking on eggshells, never sure the next thing that would trigger a blow up. I secretly cried myself to sleep so many nights. It had to be a secret.  I was so competent in so many other areas of my life, the start-ups I managed, the non-profit I ran.  I felt ashamed that this one part of my life sucked. I should be able to figure it out, have the perfect life, be the perfect partner, the perfect wife.


Finally I decided.  I could not life the rest of my life that way. And that is where it all started.


I started an incredible journey. I studied with enlightened masters in India to relationship experts here in the US.  And then it all clicked.

There are so many books and articles and conversations that revolve around what to do to fix these relationships. But how do you transform them?  Transformation is different from fixing or even improving something, it is fundamentally changing it altogether. Transformation isn't about a list of tips and tricks or the 10 steps to take, but there is a path to joy for each person

My goal is to help you find yours.

Every journey begins with a first step.  I have lots of ways to connect, and to see if there is truth for you in what I teach.  I post on Facebook, Instagram TV and YouTube ... follow me.

If you have a pressing situation and want private coaching, schedule a 90-minute coaching call.



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