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One World Academy (O&O Academy)

My first hero is Preethaji, who along with her husband Krishnaji co-founded One World Academy and O&O Academy in India, which is no a global force for a change in consciousness.  They also wrote Freedom in Relationships which are the learnings which the Wednesday Night Relationship Meditations are based on.


She is an internationally-known speaker and teacher, keeping a full schedule traveling the world.  But more than that, she is a wife, a mother of  a teenage girl and a businesswoman leading a variety of companies.  She is remarkable in this world blending knowledge of ancient widsoms and practices with an understanding of modern science and real-life experience. 


One of the best ways to get to know her though is to see her.  Please, watch her recent TEDx Talk here or go to her website here.


You can look at the website yourself for One World Academy (please do) and get a sense of who they are, what they are doing and the people involved. The founders Krishaji and Preethaji and the faculty there have created so many powerful meditations, and classes and events. 


It was about two years ago that first was introduced to OWA.  A friend was trying to get me to attend an event of theirs in NYC, and I was adamantly not going.  I had tried meditating, and couldn't.  I knew I couldn't sit still for any length of time and I certainly wasn't going to sit cross-legged.  So, I won the argument and I didn't go.  A few weeks later I was invited to a dinner where faculty member from OWA, in India, did a Skype call to teach everyone at that dinner a simple wisdom and a simple meditation.  That wisdom and meditation call was so powerful and so changed the way I look at life and the interconnection of life.


The combination of topic-based wisdoms (creating abundance, being a loving parent, experiencing joyful relationships, letting go of hurt, and so many more) for me make all the difference in being able to see and feel results from meditation.  And during the events that OWA holds all over the world, people get to participate in indescribable "processes" that are designed to create massive change to one's experience of life.  Getting an opportunity to join events around the world or at their beautiful campus in Chennai, is a gift. 

OWA (O&O Academy)

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