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Online Resources

Welcome to the Online Resources, where you can get access to all the goodies I talk about in the book, and more.  Keep checking back - it is going to get better every day!

Chapter 2

If you want to pair up with someone to do the Connection Exercise and don't have someone to help - write to

Alternate Connection Exercise Audio File, by Angie Maserati.

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Chapter 3

Video of Linda Chae talking about saying OUCH!

School House Rock Video, a fun reminder of what an interjection is.

If you have deeper trauma issues, you can write to me at for professionals I recommend. 

To read more about how vocalizing pain can help reduce it, you can find the link HERE▶︎

Here is the video of a father staying connected to his daughter during a tantrum.

Chapter 3

The Hot Potato Song by The Wiggles (watch at your own risk)

Chapter 6

Brene Brown - Damn you Steve!

Chapter 17

OUCH Cards to Print - Click on the PDF link below to download / print

Chapter 21

Audio File for Cool The Potato Visualization

Cool The Hot PotatoAngie Maserati
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Part 3

Worksheets for Exercises - Click on the PDF link below to download / print

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