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Mrs. Briscoe - 

Let’s start with WOMAN


WATER: Stay hydrated, wake up your stomach system with a cup of warm water. Before starting your day, drink your fluid along the day, more early in the day and taper it down after 4 pm 


OXYGEN: oxygenation of tissue level, deep slow and intentional breathing, when inhale, push your breast bone out


MEDITATION: meditation daily, 2-3 times a day. Joe Dispenza.  If it is difficult to sit while doing the meditation, you can lay down.  (The meditations are below all the text.)


ACTIVITY: Do “horizontal” activities. On floor (or bed). Leg raises, bending knees.  Home physical therapy AFTER image study to make sure there is no hardware malfunction, fracture or dislocation.


NIGHT SLEEP: Put a good soft and bouncy pillow between your legs. Medicare can also provide DME cover. If sleeping on back is not possible, put some support on one side of your back to made a 30-45 degree position 


Other points: 

-Never take medications with empty stomachs, have a bit of oatmeal to coat stomach linings   

-consider various combinations of compound pain creams, patches 

-Can consider low dose HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) or Ketamine IV infusion, Exosomes IV……

Dr. Liu - 956-207-2108


Soul Sync with Wish

Breathe in / Breathe out


Talking to your body

Do something you like

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