• Heartcentric Relationships - OHIO
    Sat, Aug 31
    150 Heatherdown Dr
    Live Workshop in Ohio - The title says it all. This day-long workshop explores what keeps us closed off from love - participate in a powerful processed to clear our minds and hearts of painful emotions of hurt and create a blank page to write a new story of love.
  • Introduction to a Beautiful State
    Sat, Aug 17
    New York
    Experience for yourself what it feels like to be in a beautiful state from which you can achieve success, have fulfilling relationships and create purposeful impact in the world. This program will allow you to discover the peace and confidence to enrich your experience of life. Retreat fee: $99.
  • Stress Detox Intensive
    Sat, Jul 27
    One Beacon Court Condominium
    Live Workshop in NYC - The title says it all. Come learn a variety of meditations from O&O Academy designed to help you clear you brain, mind and consciousness from the things that hold you back.
  • The Magic Mirror Meditation
    Thu, Mar 28
    The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture
    The quality of your relationships is simply a reflection of your relationship with yourself - your experience of love, affection, and joy - as well as hate, resistance and indifference. Change the quality of your relationships with yourself in this 1.5 hour workshop.
  • Heal from Hurt & Open your Heart to Love.
    Sun, Mar 24
    40 Exchange Pl, New York, NY 10005, USA
    Live Workshop in NYC - The title says it all. In this workshop explore what keeps us closed off from love, participate in a powerful process to detox our body of the painful emotions of hurt and experience what it is like to open your heart to love.