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These are the ideas gained through personal experience that guide me.

Everything Changes.

When circumstances in relationships are good, it is so easy to do everything you can to make sure nothing ever changes.  You can't. When things are bad, it is so easy to think they will never change.  They will.    Both you and any person you are relating to change; year to year, month to month, day to day, moment to moment. Plus your surroundings change, the economy changes, the weather changes, the calendar and the clock change, the stars change, everything is changing all the time.  

Relationships can change in an instant.

The definition of relationship is "the way in which two people are connected, or the state of being connected."    In the past when I have said to myself, "we have a bad relationship."  It really meant, "we are not connected."  Just by definition, it means this.  

The Stronger your Vision, the Better The Relationship

The power of visualization is one of those things that has been so well-studied to not even be an issue

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