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One World Academy (O&O Academy)

I was introducted to Alison Armstrong's work about four years ago when a friend of my dear friend Linda told me she had just a read a book that explained why Linda and her husband had such a great relationship.  When I had first met Linda and her husband, I thought they were dating or newlyweds, they were so obviously happy and in love.  I was floored when I heard that they'd been married 34 years.  So when I learned of book that might offer insight, I bought it immediately.  My relationships have never been the same.  In case you are wondering, the book is called the Queen Code

Alison Armstrong

The word "pax" means kiss of peace or a call for peace.  In Roman Mythology, Pax was the name of the Goddess Pax, Daughter of Jupiter and Justice.  She was often depicted holding and olive branch (for peace) and a cornucopia (abundance) and scepter (authority). 


This is a very fitting name for the organization co-founded by Alison Armstrong to help end the conflict between men and women. They are passionate about altering society’s culture by transforming the way women and men relate to themselves and each other and provide insightful information with which people can profoundly affect their relationships in all circumstances.

Their courses and books are available here.


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