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I first read this book on my flight back from India, where a friend had given it to me as a gift to help me continue to have an amazing relationship.  It has done just that.

Here's what Amazon says - "This book will awaken you to a new dimension of freedom in your relationships. This freedom is not external; it is an internal state in which you are free of guilt and anger, free of the need to make others wrong or you right. It is about consciously freeing you from hurt rather than indulging in it.


When you have the experience of being internally free, you know what it means to love, to be compassionate, to open your heart, and to feel joy and purpose in your life. From this place, you spontaneously relate to and connect with others, and you become a source of healing in the world around you.


Absorbing the wisdom contained here and translating this book’s insights into your relationships will mean an existence where you are free in every experience of life, in every experience of relationship."

If you'd like to order your own kindle version, you can order here.  (Hard copies have sold out, but are being reprinted.)

Freedom in Relationships
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