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Detox Meditations

Detox Meditatons are a unique meditation experience created by OWA Founders Krishnaji and Preethaji.  They have combined a modern scientific understanding of the human brain, body and consciousness, wisdom from the lives of OWA Founders and Faculty and ancient yogic practices.  The Detox Meditations are broken into three categories. Each category has a number of specific areas that can be explored. You can hear the explanation from Preethaji in the videos below. 

No meditation experience is required to participate in these meditations. They are suitable for beginners or experienced meditators. They are done in a variety of comfortable seated and lying positions and last about 45 minutes.

Brain Detox For Stress Free Living

Brain Detox Meditations are designed to cleanse the brain of its accumulated toxins. It enhances stress release, memory recall and better sleep quality. 

Mind Detox For Intelligent Living

Mind Detox Meditations help to let go of toxic emotions that hurt and hinder.  They let you let go of disappointment, 

Consciousness Detox For Harmonious Living 

The purpose of detoxing consciousness is to deepen your sense of connection to yourself, your loved ones and life itself.  Life feels more harmonious from this state.

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