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summarize this ... Speaker 1 I shared, we could share to this and then charge people 9095. Speaker 2 Yeah, you actually charge more? Because you're featuring Mike. You know? All right, I think we're, we're recording. Speaker 3 Okay. So can I give you feedback on these first five, then you'll? Unknown Speaker Absolutely. Okay. Awesome. Unknown Speaker So, Speaker 3 and look what I would say on this stuff I give you. If you like it, use it. If you don't like it, I don't need to know if you have a question about it. Just pause me before we go. Next one and ask me a question about it. Perfect. So the first thing number one, the 14 tips to prepare for a successful sale. I think what I would, and maybe you're gonna still wordsmith it is, you know, people don't like what we say is a legacy exit, right? Because they don't really know successful or not. The other thing is, when you do a one hour live zoom workshop, what you want to do is, it's 199 or 399 waived. So there's a position of value versus free. And I'm noticing that's working really good, versus just saying, Hey, this is a free session, like I'm showing you that this session is worth value, but I'm waiving it for this period of time for people. Okay. The other thing on number two, I think strategy sessions are good. So what do people want, they don't want to exit successful, they want to exit rich, so maybe it's a one on one, you know, exit wealthy Strategy Session, right. And then this way, again, it's just words, create the outcome in the person's mind of really what they they want. And again, I would position this free thing versus free as a, you know, waived or gifted or based on wherever you're going to use this thing. So they know because look to get 30 minutes of you are an expert time. Is is like super valuable. So you're just telling them for the first 25 Or the next 25 or the the next 20. Right fit people. We're doing this as a gift. Number three, are you ready to sell? Which is this checklist is really good. Again, I would just say is that would people? Are they ready to sell? Or do you? Do you think selling is possible? Right? Because I think everybody if you told that almost everybody to now 80% And I just did a call with the forest, someone they're like, they're all burnt out, like COVID burnt them out. They're confused. They don't know about the economy. So it's like, it's not so much are they ready? Are they? Are they confused about it? At all? Do they even know it's possible? So I would clarify that a little bit. And in there, again, when it's a just thinking those people do they want a workshop? Do they want a boot camp? Do they want a planning session? And if I was going to do are you ready to sell I would probably do the the preparation or this perfect Exit Strategy Workshop, you know, successful legacy Exit Strategy Workshop that would talk to me so it looks like that could go right in the headline. And the other thing for all of these just to help you solidify it more, you got great bolded headlines, really nail your sub headline headline is punch in the throat. You may not know it's possible I caught your attention. Now let me tell you what you're gonna get. Mass mastering your financial destiny. I like this one. And again, get away from things like seminars, nobody wants another seminar. They either want workshops, boot camps, business planning, they want to know that it's more than just going to show up and do this, this regular thing. And the last one is number five, I'll just give you a book I think. I think Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi I think they're the day or the catalyst for fucking up the word mastermind. It worked really good for them. But I'll just tell you, they they took what used to be a very powerful distinction. They diluted it to people thinking this is a $500 a month thing. It's also why I changed CEO warrior which started as a mastermind and I've seen this trend of everybody fucking it up And I changed it to an organization. And when everyone else was saying coaching, I said, we're a training and implementation organization. The reason we said that was if you had the chance between an implementation plan and training or having to get on with a coach, what do you want? They're like just telling me what the fuck to do. They don't want to talk about the dog. They don't want anybody to say, if you if you didn't know what to do, what the fuck you do, people don't want to guess no more. So I don't know what the new distinction for you would be around mastermind. But if you look at it, there's organizations, there's groups, there's tribes, there's all of this type of stuff, I would find something a little stronger of wording there. It will make you completely separate. And it also depending on your copy can go out there and say, Hey, like, you don't this isn't a mastermind. Okay, this is a Get Real build strategies move forward and get wealthy environment along with other people. And I always like because, and I'm just sharing ideas. I like the closed door environment. Like I used to years ago, even my martial arts dojo 30 years ago was called agli arrows Ronin chi underground, is that it's that underground, secretive, hidden. It's not the the 4000 people, but it's the 500 secret society. So I hope that's a little helpful on those things. They're Unknown Speaker outstanding. Thank you. Speaker 2 I think the biggest the biggest hint so far was turn on the record button. Speaker 3 Yeah, yeah. I always tell people that because I go quick. And you can always listen back. And transcribe and Speaker 1 what I like about it is, in fact, that is very accurate, how you described, of course, what you're doing, but what we're doing, we're not, I'm not interested in theory, I'm not interested in here's a list. Just fucking show me how to do it. Yeah. And that's how that's how I tell people as well. And if, and I will, I'm going to show you shit that works. Right? I'm gonna show you, when I don't know what I'm gonna hear any stories. This is how we did it 12 times, and it worked. And blah, blah, blah. So I love that thank you for reminding us that that's what we do. Speaker 3 And the other thing is make sure and no, go to the next page and stay there is make sure you guys lead with you know, this, all these things like your your tagline might be, you know, the 14 business, the business planning blueprint that created over 500 million or 500 billion, and then in the copy, you could say you may not think that's possible, but it's okay. Let me show you how to make it probable here. Um, so. So you know, you could stack that in there. Let me see here offer once Speaker 1 a month. So this is just a description of the five that we showed you. This is. Speaker 2 Yeah, so now we're going back deeper on the first page for all All five have a page. Speaker 3 Yeah. So what I would do with all of these things, is I would take what I shared, and we'll go through them in case I see anything else, I would take all of these. So first off, nobody wants a tip. They want a strategy, or they want a tactical thing to execute on. Okay, because tips are like, you know, brush your teeth up and down, left and right. A strategy and a tactic is you only get that from someone who's done strategy and tactics. So the majority of what you're going to want to do and you split a fie this it's not about making it sexy. It's about letting them know very distinct differences between you and everyone else like and now you get to do the comparison. Like hey, I know everybody out there wants to give you a tip. That's really great from people that say they did it, they never did it. They never did it successful. Let me tell you how we created 500 million or 5 billion whatever it is. I'm going to show you the 14 critical strategic drivers that you can put in place now to prepare or put in place to scale and exit. So that's I see there's a lot of like some of its positioning I'm saying and some of its some copy of stuff there. Go to the next one for me. Okay, yeah. Price 389. Yeah, now the other thing here is reduced limited time price. Yep. And post sale recording. So one is on the recordings. What I found out is that give it give it to the first time Many that are going to sign up. So it's like, Hey, if you're going to take this offer, and but you have to tell them why you're doing it at 189. Because I realized some of you in your company, you're just being so tight right now, maybe you don't think you have $1. Before 189, I'm gonna show you this. The other thing is that maybe it's going to come up on the end. So just put a note, like, what are we guarantee and for this thing, like, Hey, if you know, if you don't get $189 worth of value, in the first five minutes of us talking to you, let us know, I'll give you the money back. And I'll let you listen to the whole thing. Because literally, we're that confident after you know, three, four decades, like, you know, we just open our mouth, and you'll get 189, you probably got $189, just by what we laid out, we're going to even talk about for you. So make sure you're really stacking that on there and make it make a lot of sense. The other thing is for you guys, it's like, you know, it's money versus positioning. So do they think 199 is real? Now we all know the 189 you guys ain't getting fucking rich off it. I think the point maybe a strategy for you guys for the first round is Hey, 189. And we were going to charge this, but I'll tell you what we're going to do. For this one here, we're going to take the 189 and we're going to give it to make a wish foundation. So we're not collecting anything. But we do know that if you don't pay anything, you won't pay attention. Now what this does this positioning to consider just so you guys know, is one 189 How good is shitter? You're gonna give me you guys are gonna tell me how to be fucking wealthy and but on the flip side, if you're giving it to a charity, well, 189 sounds really generous. Right? So so maybe consider that because you guys aren't doing this for 189 fucking dollars. That's that's not the game. It's the fish and filter for, you know, right fit people. Plus what it does is anybody who's interested in joining the next thing, they already have this sense of service. Why do you want to make me rich, and I've been telling people this a long time. I want to make you wealthy and rich for one reason. And one reason only, I want you to get so much your family safe. They have such an overabundance of it, you'll give it to other people and help them to, that's all I want. And so that was my it's always been my mode of change their life so they can change other's lives. Unknown Speaker Okay, let's go next one. Brian, I'm running out of I'm running out of ink and paper. My I know, got Speaker 3 it recorded. transcribe it. Listen to it again. Okay, no, Unknown Speaker no problem. Thank you, Speaker 3 quarterly turn to teach it in Seminar contents 21 key business information will provide valuable actionable content. Okay, yeah. So in this one here, what I would consider is a couple of things. One, if it's quarterly, what if I can't make it? So maybe answer that if you want, like, we'll give you the recordings, if you can't, or I don't do hybrid. I did so many fucking hybrid through COVID that I can't stand it's such a pain in the ass. So you could say, hey, it's in person. Or you could say it's virtual, whatever, you're going to do it, but just if I can't make it, why should I still be, you know, being the thing for this? Like, what will you give me here to answer that? And the other one is, I gotta tell you, some people buy bullets. And what that means is I'm going to spend two days now you guys know this guy, Dan Pena, Dan Pena you know Dan Pena p and a look him up. He's fucking crude. This guy. Oh, my God. He's He's old. He created some wealth. And he he curses and makes me look like a focusing this guy is crude, but I will share something. He does these events, which I think would be cool in Scotland. The only reason I never went is I'm not convinced I have the temperament not to beat him up because he's thinks he's so tough. So I don't go to it. But on his page where he sells his training, it's like and you guys should go look at that one page. I could send it to you to make sure you know what it is Richard, but he just has like 60 or 70 items. He's like, we're going through all of this stuff. So people are buying 75 things not 21 things even though me and you know the There's probably only five that are going to change your life forever. People are buying bullets. So So stack the shit out of the bullets for them. And then give them what these bullets are going to be, you know, the 12 acquisition strategies, the 12 you know positioning, right flying and the the six ways to stack value by acquisitions with no money out or whatever you guys, does your worlds are smarter than me at it, I'm just telling you. Unknown Speaker That's to say that Speaker 3 you got a I wouldn't be on here with you guys. If you weren't smart. Are you kidding me? So go to the next one. And I'll find that I was on this show. Speaker 1 So we're done with the deal. Some of the details behind each now we're just gonna go to the pricing. Unknown Speaker Okay, yeah, let's look at let's look at that. Unknown Speaker So this is the two day seminar. Unknown Speaker So, actually, I Speaker 1 do have a clarification question. So what what is your hesitation? That hesitation? Why are you so down on the hybrid? I mean, and I, I'm going to use logic for a moment, which I don't like to use, because I'd rather go with experience, but logic is, oh, you can't make it great. And said, Give me 3000 Give me 2000. And I'm gonna give you a zoom. That had to take the 2000 and zero. Yeah, it's logic, but I know what so what's your What did you have a negative experience about hybrid? Oh, yeah. Speaker 3 Look, there's a couple of things. And you gotta remember in 2020, I did. I did I put the link in there for you guys. It's actually to his page where he has all those bullet points. One, I did 35 3d events. And almost every one was hybrid one logistically, it's just a pain in the ass. You got to have people work the room. Got to manage zoom. And, and then the other thing is, when you do offer a hybrid, they cancel on you last minute, they're like, Oh, I ran into a problem. My My wife has the ship so I can't come now. And now all of a sudden you paid for all this food, all this room, all this stuff, you're throwing money away. The other thing is even though I believe virtual gets impacted in person, there's no substitute for in person for impact period. Like you're gonna get more so that's that's the other thing. And I believe if you guys are building elite thing, and you're good new, your someone really wants to exit. They they can't have excuses, they would move their wedding to attend this, this thing that you guys so so that's some of the reasons why I don't do that hybrid now. Now. Am I saying you shouldn't do one version? Hey, we do a two day in person. And then we do a recap. Half a day for anybody that couldn't make it where we're just going to summarize things virtual. Yeah, I think that's great. And if I miss it all, I'll get the the recap of things. I think that's good. I'll just tell you that SEO warrior, I was very, very good for over I'm the I'm a creative, which means I overcomplicate everything, and everything is built into a monster. And then I have to go and start peeling fucking fangs off the monster because I built it too crazy. You know what I mean? I rather err on the side of like, look, you're looking for people that want to become wealthy and exit. Like your ass is gonna get in the room, you know. So that's my thoughts around it. Speaker 1 I I agree. Now, thank thank you for sharing that. And, you know, FYI, Richard, you may remember this. Richard and I did one of our first deals as an IPO. And I've been reminded 50,000 times by my wife of 26 years, that while she was giving birth to my son, I was in the hospital bathroom with the cord, you know, because we didn't have wireless back then. Yeah, talking to Richard and the attorneys and all that it to do this IPO deal. So So you're right, if you're serious, you show up. And if you're not and that's okay. And we can always and I don't want to I like things simple. So maybe on the second third, fourth round, were making a ton of money. Let's play let's do a virtual here and there. So I like to recap idea. Thank you for Speaker 3 so this weekend, in person. So I think what it is, is you put a higher price point on it, and then you reduce it for right fit people. Jay Abraham taught me a strategy. He did a was a $25,000.02 day training and I said to him, how many people bought this $25,000.02 day training? It's not if they buy it or not. They came to a $25,000.02 day training. So I was like, huh Interesting. So what I would say is make this a five or $6,000 weekend, those of you that take our case study program, we're doing it at 3000. What that means is, you're only going to pay three, but you're going to share all your successes along the way. If you don't want to share your successes, just pay the six grand income. And that's, that's perfectly fine. But you guys are you're trying to attract people that have the dream of exiting, that comes at a at a price point of value. And in the end, you get to tell the whole world if you let them listen to a recording or song, it's a 6k. Weekend, okay, it was 6k. That's only till you get this thing up and running, then it will be a 10k with you pay 5k for two days. And I think anybody who wants to exit should pay fucking five Unknown Speaker 6k 6k for us in 4k Speaker 3 for you. Yes, whatever. Give it to give it to charity, give it to charity. The other thing is your annual participation. So this is you're talking about 10k for the year for the program, Speaker 1 assuming it was a 3k for the weekend. So if it's 6k, then for the year might be 20k or something like that. Speaker 2 So but but let me let me tell you how I think about it. So like he Cunningham is got three board meetings, right? It's three days apiece, you know, you're only getting your own two and a half, three hour time slice of that in those three days, because you're going around the room doing all the board meetings, and he's charging 45 grand, right? Yeah. Yeah. And then Tiger 21. Right. We've got 12 of us in the room. We're all paying 33 grand apiece for 11 meetings a year. Right? Yeah. And, and then, and CEO warrior, you know, you have people paying 246 1000 a month. So it could be anywhere from 24 to 72,000 a year. So you this is this is where I'm really looking for your thinking, because you're a master how you price it and CEO lawyer and how you doing dawg, you're you're a master of of this element. Speaker 3 And I would do I would do two programs here, I would do it for the first round as you get this go and I would do it. There's two options, there's 25k, and you give us 2% of the sale, or we do an ESOP or something for you. So I'm going to get an upside, but I'm going to lower the fee. That's option one, or option two. You know, it's it's 35k. And there's no no in Santa Barbara and my legacy group right now, they pay 6000 a month, they agree on it for 36 months. And if they sell their company in five years, I get 5%. And I would structure that different in the future. But because the limitations, I gotta be careful on chip, but nobody said no to me on the 5%, then a couple of them will sell and I'll just get 5% for helping them and I'm helping them with their mind, which eventually will take them to an exit. So so that's the positioning, if I was to go out there with your program, and that would be the founders program, which means it's first round, okay, it's it's round one, whoever first 25 people, they get this, after that you'll be you'll be raising that price up because you'll have testimonials you'll be bringing people to exits, they'll be bragging and shit and then boom, that price will will go up what I did, sometimes at the event, I would give them the money to off of the membership. But I'll tell you what, I stopped doing that. Because I didn't have to someone would say, Well, does the three grand come off the membership? And I'm like, Well, before I answer that, how much value you get the last two days that I just solve your life. Yeah. What's it not worth three grand to you? Why would I give it back? You know, and they would go good point. And then I would just charge years ago, I used to give it back and then one day I said, Well, what if it doesn't change anything? It didn't change anything. So don't give it back. It's three or 4k. It's now you're going to join the group why? And Roland Frasier with Ryan Deiss his his program for that is like 50 something. And I mean roelens a smart guy, but I'll tell you he's no, he's no smarter than you fucking guys here. He talks you know, he talks a big game and he is smart and he's done some things but you know, anybody can make everything you can sell let your kids lemonade stand for $50 and make it sound like a big thing you know? So that's how I would put it and for locations I would And I would I wouldn't say likely locations, I would just say, you know, we're going to move around to what makes most sense for the tribe. Because you might like we just did one at Disney, where we brought our high clients and the whole thing was to spend a day with them and Magic Kingdom and let their mind expand the possibilities of how they can implement things. But then you might want to go to another state where there's the Lego and torn through a factory, because people are going to buy knowledge and experience right now, I know a lot of people like I don't join groups where they're going to be like, oh, yeah, we're gonna go just sit on the beach in Florida for three days. I'm like, unless we're gonna put up bucket chalkboards and build some shit. Like, I don't need that, right. I want I want to be in the game. We could, we could watch dolphins and build stuff, but I want to be creative too, you know. So, okay, let's go to the next slide. Monthly mast monthly masterminds each topic covers. Speaker 2 And and I guess, I guess Yeah, conceptually, in you know, we're revisiting something we already talked about a little bit. But, you know, I just went to a Brendon Burchard event in Austin, and he hadn't done a live event since before the pandemic, he had 2000 people in the room, it was a $400 ticket. But if you wanted VIP, it was additional 1500. Yeah. And I'm like, he's not making any money here. Yeah, it was this was his first class that set the other thing. He had lunches every day for the VIPs. And he was popping into lunches to the three days. And I'm like, where's the sale? Where's the upsell? Where's it? Where's it coming. And so what he did at the at the end is, well, he had two things, he had this growth, which he charges you 300 bucks a month for, you know, it's got a free version. But if you want access to some sprinter bucks month, and he had my lat, but if you wanted to add my lat, and the end the whole program it he was getting all the 390 $9, up to well, the 299, up to five 499. So he was a whole lot of that 2000 from $300 price point to a year to 500. But then he did this ultra program, which every month, he would do a seminar, but it's been on Zoom forever. And I can tell he's a little bored when he does it. I mean, he's a great speaker, he does a great zoom, but he has so much more fun when he's dealing with that 2000 people he just was on fire. He was electric. We had a great show. And and and so his Ultra program. He said, hey, it's our founders program. Basically, it's $10,000. And this is what you get. We're gonna have an in person monthly meeting at a theater in Los Angeles. And we're going to have a two hour meeting. And after our meeting, I'm going to answer questions from all of you for two hours. You've got me one on one, you know, however many people signed up, I figured 200 missiles going up, I think 400 people sign up. And then and then after that, we're all gonna go to dinner. Right? Yeah, do that every month. And if you can't make it, you don't have to come every month. You don't have to couple of months because we're gonna we're gonna broadcast and on Zoom. You know, we may even be doing this in a television studio, something like that. And and he sold, you know, boom for a million bucks. Right? Yeah. And, and it was fun to watch. Watch his process. So he's got that monthly. Keith has that quarterly. You know, you want the, you know, I really love you know, I almost love but I'm open. I don't I don't, you know, whatever works, whether it's once a month, but, you know, once a quarter if you command the attention of of, of a great group of participants. Yeah. And you're let me give Speaker 3 you let me give you a couple of things there. One, I never I'm never the Walmart model. So I'm never a low cost high volume. It's just not my game. I don't love it. I always always been Nordstrom model, less people pay more better action takers when they're paying more 399 A month people don't do shit, right? So just think I'd want you guys to build a bowtique thing. If it was me, then this Yeah, you get 2000 people in a room, it feels fun for a moment, half of I just did well, mastery, like fucking 99.9% Those people can't do shit with that, that learning, they'll just come back for the motivation because they feel good. And they don't feel good when they're around their husband or their wife. Right. The other thing is, don't block yourself into so many participants just say it's going to be always a small group. Small could be 50 to you or 100. Right. And as for the Zooms like, you know, I think it's like one per per month, except when we do events, we don't do one. And if we need more, you do more and if you need less, you'll do less. It's a collaborative approach. We're going to deliver exactly what we need. We We have, we have two desires, right? Desire one is change your life and generations to come. And desire two is, you know, work on changing the world here and, like let them know that you're gonna stick and move and modify and change as you need to. Speaker 2 You know, it's funny. You and Brendan are aligned one time, he's got this knowledge business blueprint or sorry. What was it called? It was called something slightly different. I think knowledge business blueprint was Tony's basically Dean stole it from Brendan. I mean, they were partners, he basically told us took it, rebranded it. And and I met with Brendon just a couple years ago, when I was first in Puerto Rico. And I'm like, Brendan, you know, literally, it was like the first week of 2020. There was actually before the pandemic, I said, doesn't that annoy you? And he goes, he goes, Richard, he goes, my, my mission is to take everybody who's got positive stuff to deliver to the world, and magnify it. And so using this stuff doesn't bother me. Bothers me but it doesn't bother me because they're gonna have this massive reach they sold $20 million is that software two grand a pop the first year? And and that's helping more influencers, right. And so you're doing the same thing. You're saying, hey, take care of your family, secure your legacy for your family. And now Now go help the world. You know, however you think about that. And, and that's actually one of Mortiz primary drivers. He goes, Hey, you know, I can write the 510 $25,000 Check. But I love to write those 100 150 $200,000 checks. Yeah, bigger impact. But anyway, I didn't mean, let me ask Speaker 3 you guys a question. What, how many more slides because I, I have to get on another call. But we could pick up another time. But I want to make sure what you have left on slides to see. So I know if we got to pick up and we have Speaker 1 we have two more slides. One is once we get to Unknown Speaker the next one. Okay. Speaker 1 So this is just how often do we offer these programs, which we've already talked about this one? Four times a year, eight times a year? You know, and then the pricing, we already talked about that? Zoom versus online? Just a quick question. So this monthly eight times a year, I we were thinking I let's just do it online via zoom. But, you know, instead of trying to get people all together in San Diego, New York, Chicago, zoom. Okay with you? Yeah, I Speaker 3 think there's a there's a mix of it, I think you need to touch them minimum two times a year, in person. Three is Max, I don't think you need ever quarter, I don't think it's sustainable. And the filling gaps are zooms. And I think that's perfect for people today, they have a busy life, they're navigating, if you're, if you're doing you do need a minimum of two in person, but three does give that extra little, you know, touch. Speaker 1 So this, so this eighth time that we're going to meet this year to in person, and then the other six will be and those and those in person ones will have an experience like you said, whatever. Okay, great, perfect. Last slide. So, you know, what do we you know, I'm, like you in some ways, similar as a mod, of course, you know, throw everything in there. And oh, we have this and we have that. And then all of a sudden, it's like you walk into Whole Foods, and G which peanut butter of the 73 brands. And you're there for seven minutes, you haven't made a decision. I hate that. Because I'm not a food guy if I was a Food Guide becoming in my pants, so my feet guy, so am I confused. So the same thing here is like what do we kind of lead with either on our landing page or in our email that we lead with the and we're going to change all these names as you suggested we leave the Oh, free one on one strategy. We know where's the top of the funnel here? Yeah, test it Speaker 3 out with so first off, you test with different different funnels. If you guys are looking at I don't know if at this point, you want to invest in that but if just unshare your screen now, if you guys are looking for someone to help do that marketing side for you, that will help with the landing pages and knocked out Park. I mean, I got a killer guy that will handle it. If you don't want to invest that money than you do. You know, like this one is just the landing page. You can check it out later, it's partner with my I think you could look at this is kind of a model landing page. It's like I want to get interest, like Come here. thority credibility, blah, blah, blah. And in the end, fill this out. If you want to know more. So everywhere you talk, you could grab this domain and just drive them all to one domain that captures their info is what I would do. But before you nail that, I'd like to first off great job on what you did. Here's what I would give you guys as the next step. I would take this recording and I'd recently modify what you just did what you built. And then I would set up let's set up another call to do one more on it. Because I think I threw a lot at you guys. And I believe you, it's like clay, you could build it down and strengthen it up. And then at that point, let's review that make any last tweaks and then we could go okay, here's what can go on the landing page. And I could send you guys a couple samples of what I think could be a great first landing page for it. You know, Speaker 2 when you when you're reaching out initially, Mike, are you you're using databases are using? I mean, you probably had you had to get all fresh contacts right after after CEO you couldn't use there. Yeah, Speaker 3 we should do that next call because it's about 20 minutes of strategies on how to how to now take what you have been flooded with people. I won't be able to answer that in a minute for you guys. Got it. And I'll give you all the goodies for it. Speaker 2 I love Thank you. Thank you for your time, your generosity. And then just on your other email that you sent to me. We'll we'll discuss you'll figure it out. He was reaching out looking for different acquisitions, Morty, and I see so many. So many I always say at business mastery, by the way, they're doing it and they're doing it at the convention center again, which I'm hoping I'm hoping to have my booth back because I haven't had my booth since before the pandemic. Yeah, to your point when I got the booth people are walking by and having conversations. Yeah, it's just huge, but Speaker 3 I'll get me and you will tee up on that. I gotta jump on this call solidify it, send me a message of the next time. Let's connect right back up and keep it moving forward. Okay, Speaker 1 thank you very much. For Do you want to hang out for a minute. Thanks, guys. Thank you so awesome. Yeah, that was great. Speaker 2 Um, I'm gonna I'll stop the recording. Yeah, yeah. Unknown Speaker Um Unknown Speaker Okay, Transcribed by

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