My story

Let me start at the end.  I live in Puerto Rico with my amazing husband, Richard. We walk the beach most sunsets and share coffee and conversation every morning.  I love him.  I'm in love with him.  

But that is the "Lovingly Everafter" ending to my story.  I'll fill you in on the details ...  

Career-wise, I've run companies, started companies and consulted them.  I co-founded a non-profit in Vietnam and lived there for almost a decade.  But this story is really about romantic relationships and my struggles around them.  If you want to learn about my professional career you can check out LinkedIn.

At one point I even shocked an NYC cab driver when in the back seat I was explaining to a friend that I'd been married once, divorced twice, and engaged four times.  He had to ask how that could be.  It was complicated and too much to type, but you can watch a video where I tell that story here.

The important point is that I hit bottom along the way and was fintally determined to figure out this relationship stuff.  That was about 7 years ago.


I was blessed to meet a couple that had been in love for over 40 years.  Like really IN LOVE.  When I met them, I just assmed they had just started dating or something.  They acted like teenagers IN LOVE. I wanted that.  


I was so lucky to have her mentor me, talking every day for a year as she taught me everything she knew. That started my journey.  I also went to India, and learned the meditations and wisdoms to change one's very core and allow for love to blossom, not by changing others, but our own consciousness. Next, I traveled all around the U.S., studying for over two years with one of the foremost transformational leaders in relationships.


But most importantly, I looked inward and interviewed hundreds of people about different aspects of relationships.  It was during this time I met and married Richard. 


One of the main things I learned is that almost everything I though I knew about relationships was backwards.   


I want to take you on a tour of what I learned so you too can stay in love with your partner, your life and most importantly yourself.