Welcome to my totally un-pretty webpage.  


If you are on this page, you are my friend or someone I've done sessions with, (or both!).  So you know and trust me.  I just wanted to get something up quick to help explain what I'm up to with this new Unlimited-One-on-One-Coaching-for-OneYear-thing I've been talking about. 

Think of it like an All-You-Can-Eat Gourmet Buffet for healing past hurt, have more understanding, and create an amazing life filled with love and connection.  I'm enrolling up to 8 women at $84/month paid-in-full at the beginning which makes it $997 for the year.  


I want to work with women who are really ready to:


START FRESH - Past hurts, upsets, and disappointments can prevent you from even being open to deep, connected love and joy in your life and in your relationships. Learn to transform past hurts into COMPASSION and POSSIBILITIES.


- or -


STAY MADLY IN LOVE - This year of support is especially great for people starting out a new relationship, deepening one, or getting married.  The first year can set the whole trajectory for your future.  Learn how to use the upsets that WILL occur to create more LOVE and CONNECTION.


The adventure starts with a longer 30-minute phone call for us to get synced up on all that is available for you over the next year, explore what is important to you to address, and also answer all your questions.  If during our call this isn't a "YAY! I'm so excited!" for either of us, of course, I'll refund your payment right away. (This won't work well if we aren't in sync and aren't both excited.)


Subsequent calls will be 15-20 minutes, with homework in between, but we will cover all that stuff in our first call.  


Below are some answers to more in-depth questions I've been asked:


Frequently asked questions

What are the details of how this will work?

To get started we'll have a 30-minute phone call to go over exactly how this program works and narrow down which relationship(s) you have attention on changing. It might be your relationship with yourself, too! And, don't worry we can always refocus.

This first call is a chance for us both to be certain we want to spend the next year working together. If it is a "YAY!, I'm so excited to get started!!!" for both of us. Based on what is going on with you, we'll start with your first bit of "homework" although maybe I should call it "funwork" since it needs to be something you will say "ya, that sounds fun" to.

Once you have finished your homework, use my calendar to schedule your next session, which will be 15-20 minutes. Depending on what we are working on, we will either do a healing process, targeted meditation, or just a check-in. You will know in advance what we are going to be doing, because if it a process or meditation you willl want to be in a quiet place where you can close your eyes. At end of the call we'll set up more "funwork"
If during our call this isn't a "YAY! I'm so excited" for either of us, of course, I'll refund your payment right away. This won't work well if we aren't in sync and aren't both excited.

It is really unlimited?

Yes! It really is unlimited. As soon as the "homework" is completed, just schedule your next call. And I want to say again, your "homework" (think "funwork") will be agreed to by both of us and needs to be something you want to do.

Can I just schedule a bunch of sessions in advance?

Nope 🙁 sorry, for a couple of reasons. 1.) I want to make sure you do your "homework" when you are ready and feel you have the space and time, not to rush to be ready for a call. 2.) My goal for you is to be motivated by the feelings you get, not by the pressure of a committment to me. 3.) And a super important reason is that it fits how I want to coach. Doing it this way is fun for me and make me excited and happy to work with you on this unlimited basis for a year.

You should always be able to find 20 minutes on my schedule at times that work for you, but you can always email me if there are no appointments available. We are totally partners in this!

What if I get stuck on my "homeworks" or something changes in my life?

That is why there is also unlimited email support during this year. If you are stuck, not feeling in the groove, or had some change in your life or with a relationship, send me an email to unlmtd@sondraharmon.com. We will get it sorted out.

What exactly is included?

So much yummy stuff for the next year: 1.) Unlimited coaching by phone in 20 minutes sessions. 2.) Recordings of each session (if you request it at the start of the session) to be able to replay whenever you like. This is sspecially helpful for meditations and certain healing processes.)
2.) Custom "homework" (think "funwork") in-between sessions. This is the core of where you learn and integrate a new way to create relationships.
3.) Unlimited text support between calls to answer questions about homework or modify your program based on life changes. 4.) First look and discounts on new courses and workshops. 5.) Access to a special app that will keep all your homework and recordings in one place and allow you ask me any questions you have in between sessions. YAY!

What's in it for you? aka "why is this so cheap?"

For me this handles all the issues I have with on-going multiple sessions and it makes me super excited to work with more women. First, is that the sessions are short. So many times the set up for the process is longer than the process itself. In this you will be watching a video or listening to an audio file explaining whatever is key to the process before we do it. That way I get to use my time to do what I do best, intutively lead you though whatever process or meditation we do. Next, the traditional way of scheduling an hour long session at the same time each week, felt confining for both me and clients. With this, you schdule a short time that fits for you and me (based on access to my calendar.) And that best part is you can cancel or reschedule anytime before the appointment. No more having to do it 24 hours before the appointment. And most importanly, we get to go on a journey together for a whole year. I get to share in the highs and lows and see your transformation. I've had clients I did only one session with tell me years later the impact it had on them witth this, there is on going communication, YAY!. Plus, I get to be your 911 to support you in anything that might come up. Since you don't have any additional cost, it is easy for you to reach out whenever you need support. Since this nourishes me, I'm happy to charge a minimum price.